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There are approximately  5,000,000 people, in the U.S. alone, afflicted with the Hepatitis C virus and approximately 35% of these people are Hep C Singles (over 1,500,000).  



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At Hep C Match you will find Hepatitis C Support from other members and potential dates (or mates) you'll meet through this site.  Dating with Hepatitis C can be confusing and lonely.  How do you tell someone you have it?  What will be their reaction?  What about Hepatitis C and sex?   So many people are uninformed and ignorant about this Virus.  At Hep C Match you will meet thousands of attractive and quality Hepatitis C Singles who understand exactly what you are going through!

Site owned and managed by:

Robin De Luca

Email:  HepCMatchmaker@aol.com

Biography of Robin De Luca

(Robin with "Bonsai" - May, 2003)

Robin DeLuca is a 46 year-old single mother (never married) of a 17 year old son.  She has been online dating since 1998 and has received over 5,000 responses to her online dating ads.  Robin has written a book on Online Dating called, “The Cyber-Dating Guru’s Guide to Online Dating”.  Her book is currently for sale (as an E-book) at her site, www.CyberDatingGuru.com.   Robin DeLuca (a.k.a. “The Cyber-Dating Guru) is The “Professional, Pioneer and Innovator” in Online Dating and has been a dating “Guru” to many people and friends, throughout the years. 

11 months ago, Robin was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. (she believes she contracted this virus during two 2 blood transfusions received in 1985, during childbirth.).  Subsequent to the diagnosis, a liver biopsy was performed and the results indicated that there was severe scaring -- advanced fibrosis -- to her liver.  She was  diagnosed with Stage 3, Grade 3 Hepatitis C and has been on treatment for over 10 months now.  Robin is currently taking weekly injections of Pegasys, daily Copegus pills, as well as injections of Nupogen (to keep her white blood cell count elevated).  She also takes many other medications (and health supplements) to help counter the side-effects of the treatment!

Most important, Robin understands, all too well and empathizes greatly with the physical and emotional turmoil of being diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening disease (such as Hepatitis C).  She has experienced first-hand how lonely it can be for people (especially when first diagnosed.)  BUT, it doesn't have to remain that way! --  Millions of others are out there, just waiting and hoping to meet someone  – a companion, friend, soul-mate or lover who understands!


This could be a life-changing move for you!  

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 *A portion of the proceeds of this site will be donated to Hepatitis C and Liver Foundations


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"Don't bring your Organs to Heaven... Heaven knows we need them here on Earth!"


Hep C Info & Links

"It is estimated that there are almost 5 million people infected with this disease, and 80% of those are not yet aware that they have it.  How scary is that?" -Lori Vosburgh, Advocate for Sufferers of Hepatitis C.

This liver-disease is transmitted blood-to-blood in many ways (and not solely by means of a shared hypodermic needle)!  Those who have ever had a tattoo, body piercing, blood transfusion or even something as innocent as a manicure at a nail salon, could be at risk!  Ask your Doctor to test you for this virus!  Don't wait until it's too late!!!

 www.HepCMatch.com - New, Free & Exciting - Online Dating for Hep C Singles!



HepCnet, ABigSAM & Lyric's Hepatitis C Support

Info on becoming an Organ and Tissue Donor

Questions about Liver Transplantation



Hepatitis A-Z

Diet and Hepatitis C


Get Tested for Hepatitis C


www.heallix.com - Natures Powerful Microbial

To Assist Patients who Cannot Afford to Pay for their Meds






Hepatitis C - An Epidemic


D.O.C.'s Organ Donor Center

Questions to ask your Doctor


For Help Understanding Blood Tests & Viral Loads



This following website is a great one for those on treatment or thinking about starting treatment.  It'swritten by two very creative and witty women who share their experiences and suggestions on how to deal with the side effects of treatment.  (It's also one of my favorites!)  In their own words:

"We are not suggesting that you take our advice over any given by a physician, homeopath, nutritionist, or anyone with a medical degree.  These are only suggestions given with the best of intentions, along with our own wicked, twisted brand of (drug induced) humor.  

Lord knows, we need a laugh when we are on this stuff!"



NEW & EXCITING!   For Single Adults living with Hepatitis C who'd like to connect with others of the same.  You are not alone!  There are over 1.5 million single adults in the United States alone living with Hepatitis C!   www.HepCMatch.com



The following Hep C Chat Room, Alphabet Soup is run by my dear friend, Gail.  I met Gail (with her husband, Dennis) at a Heppo Fest recently in Colorado Springs and in a very short period of time (in fact, by the end of day one) she  had become one of my closest and dearest life-long friends!  Please go chat with Gail and her "Heppo" friends and tell them "Robin from www.HepCMatch.com sent you!"  : )

alphabet soup

"Alphabet Soup" Chat Room for ALL Heppers... A - B -
C - D - E - F - G- AIH...
(thus the name) whatever the
shape or form, you're welcome. All we ask is that you
"leave your disease at the
. There are other support groups that deal with the
disease .... This room is for fun ... to chat but not have to
deal with your illness ... to get away and be with others
who share a common foundation.
The room is open 24
hours, 7 days a week
... so drop in when online and if no
one is there
... check back before you sign off ... chances are you
aren't the only one up and awake, since we seem to keep
odd hours.

Personal Empowerment Wednesday evenings 8 PM eastern time
Mutual Support Room liver disease and transplant support Monday
9 est
hcv Saturday afternoons at 4 p.m. eastern say hi to charise
HepMates Sundays 3 PM eastern time
Mutual Support Room liver disease and transplant support Monday
9 est






Recommended Reading:

  • Hepatitis Liver Disease What you need to know
    by Melissa Palmer, M.D. (who also just happens to be my Doc - she's Fabuloso!)  www.liverdisease.com 
  • Living with Hepatitis C A Survivors Guide
    by Gregory T. Everson, M.D. and Hedy Weinberg

    EXCERPTS FROM:  Living with Hepatitis C, A Survivors Guide...(I found these excerpts to be extremely helpful in reaching an "acceptance" of my diagnosis and to help my understand the emotional turmoil I was going through.)

    "Hepatitis C may be the biggest emotional challenge you'll ever face.  How do you deal with chronic disease without letting it take over your life?"  "If you lose your sense of yourself as a healthy person and you struggle or rebel against becoming a patient, how do you adjust?  Some patients develop a sense of grief.  Grieving is one way we work through loss, whether it's loss of our old selves or loss of our dreams."  "Grieving is normal - even necessary.  It's the bridge between what was to what is.  If you don't go across that bridge, you may face a continuing struggle." 

    "The goal is balance."   "Grieving is nature's way of helping us adapt to new information about our illness."  "The truth is, each one of us goes through the process in our own time frame and in our own way - and the healing ingredient is kindness.  Be patient with yourself.  You will work it through, and you will come out of the crisis with a stronger sense of who you are." 


    This is my favorite non-alcoholic beverage... 

    Decaf, Iced green tea (brewed with a little ginger - which is great for an upset stomach), sweetened with a fresh squeezed orange and a natural sweetener called "Stevia" is absolutely DELISH.  Drink it on lots of ice in a giant glass through one of those flexi straws we had as kids and you will feel very special!









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